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What to Expect On the GED Test Improving Your Score

GED stands for General Education Development. GED tests are basically equivalent to high school tests, but for the fact that they use more comprehensive measures to evaluate the overall educational development. Assessment is done on the understanding of a concept and not on memory skills. Candidates who have not completed their high school diploma generally take GED. The GED tests consist of a series, based on different subjects that are clearly divided into two parts.

Part One: - Writing skills - Interpreting Literature and the Arts Part Two: - Science - Mathematics - Social Studies Part two has multiple-choice questions, while part one also has multiple-choice questions along with an essay writing section under Writing Skills. The multiple-choice questions feature in three different ways: - Multiple-choice questions, accompanying a passage of about 400 words. - Multiple-choice questions on charts, illustrations, tables and graphs.

- Direct multiple-choice questions. GED test papers are prepared and distributed by the GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education. The tests are conducted by the state and other test metric agencies. The passing score varies from state to state, as per their respective GED policy. The maximum scoring point per subject is 800.

The combined maximum score is 4000. According to the American Council on Education or ACE, a candidate is required to score at least 410 in each test and an average score of 450 in all sections of the exam. This makes a minimum score of 2,250 out of 4000, with no score test less than 410 per subject.

ACE has defined the lower score limit of GED required to pass. Different states may base their GED policies depending on the limit of the Council. States can raise their passing standard from 2,250 to some higher score, but it cannot be degraded below the set standard. Once the basic concepts are clear, a candidate is required to practice the tests extensively. There are many good online GED tutorials and information-based coaching available on the net. Candidates should strive towards excelling in the test by following a planned and methodical approach.

The student should work hard to improve the weak areas and develop a good understanding of all the relevant subjects and only then take the mock tests. Certain specifications regarding GED are: a) A candidate appearing for GED test must be at least 17 years old. b) There is no relaxation for latecomers. The candidate who is late for the exam is not allowed to take the GED test. Also the registration fee is forfeited. c) No help can be accessed while taking the test.

Calculators, cell phones, books and any kind of information resources are strictly prohibited. d) The examiners provide the GED test candidates with the test paper, scratch paper and a pencil. e) The test session is videotaped.

f) A candidate who is dismissed from the test is not allowed to take another GED test session for the next two months. g) GED tests are conducted by the states every month.

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