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Reasons to Learn and be Proficient in Spanish

So you're thinking of learning a new language. Good for you! Being proficient in more than one language is quite an accomplishment. If you're interested in learning something new, but aren't quite sure which language to take up, you might want to consider Spanish. Why Spanish? There are plenty of reasons. Did you know 400 million people speak Spanish making it the fourth most spoken language in the world? It's also the second most spoken language in America. Besides being the official language of 21 countries, Spanish is an official language of many international organizations including the United Nations.

If you decide to learn Spanish, doorways and new opportunities will open up all around you. For instance, many businesses prefer bilingual employees to deal with their Spanish-speaking clientele. Did you know that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn? This is because Spanish is pronounced almost phonetically making it easy to sound out the words. It's also similar to other languages such as Portuguese and Italian.

Once you master one language, the others won't be far behind. Spanish and English words also share many of the same Latin roots so it should be easy to learn. If you live in a neighborhood with a large Hispanic population, learning Spanish will only make life easier. What better way to get to know your neighbors than to learn their native language? Learning the language will only lead to a better cultural understanding. Especially if you're now able to watch Spanish language television shows and read Spanish newspapers. If those aren't enough reasons to learn Spanish, here's one more.

If you learn Spanish, it will also broaden your horizons internationally. Travelling will be much easier if you decide to go to a Spanish speaking country. Wouldn't you rather leave that English to Spanish dictionary at home?.

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Reasons to Learn and be Proficient in Spanish - So you're thinking of learning a new language.