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In the modern communications age, accessibility to information is perhaps more crucial than ever before. The ability to transfer your message to as many individuals as you need to is fundamentally important. To find yourself with or without access to knowledge can mean the difference between education and empowerment and disadvantage and misunderstanding. Presenting your web content in a manner that is comprehensible to a wide audience allows for greater accessibility, allowing that audience to gain the greatest benefit from that information as possible.

The internet expands on a daily basis, and with that expansion comes a greater need for a common understanding within our multilingual society. In the case where there is a need to engage with different language groups, it's doubly important for information to be readily available to that audience. By taking advantage of a service that enables your target audience to access information in their native language, you simultaneously open up the web to the wider world. And with over 80% of all web content currently only available in English, there is a real and pressing requirement to make this content available in different languages. Without this service, such language groups would be unable to take advantage of the benefits and knowledge that is available on the web.

And, as more and more people are joining the internet community, the need for the web to adapt to this demand is becoming greater than ever. Language specialists are asked to ensure that relevant web content is translated correctly and appropriately. They decide whether certain content is deemed inappropriate for translation into languages where the original information could be misinterpreted; or, where a certain cultural viewpoint exists, they apply cultural sensitivity when selecting the right content for a site. Services such as WebTran exist to allow web users to view content in a number of languages at the click of a mouse. These services make easy to use, multilingual websites possible; playing a critical role in the future of multilingual web usage. With the convenience of viewing any part of a website in any number of languages at a time, Web Tran provides an opportunity for information to become available for the communities that need it most.

By combining Translation, Cultural Consultation and Web Optimisation, this service provides a comprehensive, end-to-end service. Creating the possibility to offer clear, sensitive and informative web content to cater for a wide variety of cultural and linguistic requirements.

Shohreh Fleming is CEO and co-founder of Prestige Network Ltd., and Translation To view other articles by Shohreh, please click on the link

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