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The Alternative Music Played By The Cure

The Cure first formed in 1976 and would continue for a few decades afterwards. Much like Fleetwood Mac, The Cure would have a few changes in their lineup, with only one remaining through the entire life of the band. The member who was with the band from the start is Robert Smith, who is the guitarist and main songwriter for the group. The main music genres that The Cure focuses on are post punk, alternative rock, gothic rock and new wave.

It is quite a variation that many have enjoyed from listening to The Cure in both the past, present, and more than likely, the future.

Despite the other music genres they play, they become one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the world during the 1990s and have sold millions of albums. In fact, a count done in 2004 calculates that The Cure has sold about 27 million albums since it first formed in 1976. Throughout the life of the band, they have been quick in releasing numerous albums. Looking at the fact that The Cure has released a total of 12 albums and 30 singles in the last two years would prove to just about anyone that they are constantly working on their music. When looking at the history of the band, one can see that they have gone through a number of phases where they focus more on one genre than any other, such as their gothic phase during the early 1980s and the alternative rock phase after 1990.

It appears, however, that after their change to alternative rock, they have continued to focus more on that particular genre, quite possibly because it is the more popular genre today. While many still enjoy the other genres, alternative rock is appealing to more of the population than the other genres.

From the time the band was formed until 2008, The Cure had been successful in releasing a total of 13 studio albums that continue to sell, even though all none of the original band has remained, with the exception of Robert Smith. The other current members of the band include Simon Gallup, who has been with the band since 1979, though he took a break from the band in the early 1980s, Porl Thompson, who has been with the band since 1976, and Jason Cooper, who is the newest member after joining in 1995. Aside from the four current members, The Cure has seen eight other members come and go, such as Lol Tolhurst, Michael Dempsey, Perry Bamonte and Roger ODonnell, to name a few. Each member had their own reasons for leaving the band, such as a loss of interest or the want to search for other interests outside of The Cure.

The change in members does not appear to have slowed The Cure down much, if at all. Aside from the music they have put out over the decades, they have completed music videos and have won a few awards. They have been successful for the last thirty years and they will probably continue to be successful until the time comes when the band will dissolve.


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