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IPOD Setting the Bar Where Others Can Only Limbo

Does anyone ever still remember the big CPU's which had HD's with 2 to 3 GB capacities? They had these large floppy drives and disks, and of course the internet never even heard about broadband. Now compare it with the iPod. In less than fifteen years, technical advances in processors and memories have grown in capacity and amazingly have shrunk in terms of physical size. What you could store now in the lowest capacity iPod (512 MB) could store the operating software then and leave some space for some songs. Call it impossible.

Call it amazing. Call it surprising. Call it everything you want. Nevertheless, it is true. You can now fit, a plethora of songs, a multitude of videos and an eternity of pictures in the palm of your hand. Introducing, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Apple iPod.

The iPod is a small transportable audio and video innovation that provides high quality multimedia entertainment. Since its introduction in 2001, it has dominated its market and never looked back. Now on its fifth generation, it has offered so many innovations and has continued to "wow" its loyal clientele. So, I guess it's safe to assume that everyone or most everyone has heard about the iPod. Since your reading it from the internet, you must know something about today's latest technologies.

And since your reading this, you're probably on the market for an iPod or has just recently bought one. Congratulations, you have just made an excellent choice. The iPod is not the most popular portable multimedia player in the market for nothing. There are some things though that you could do to keep your iPod in tiptop condition.

The first thing somebody does after buying their iPod, besides putting songs in it and enjoying its great quality) is to customize their iPods. They want it to look totally customized and unique, just like adding rims to your car and body kits as well. But sometimes, you have to prioritize which add-ons you need. You have to buy accessories that can address the immediate needs of your iPod. Okay so nothing is perfect. There are some unavoidable problems that could be brought upon by certain elements, such as scratches.

This is the most common problem of many iPod users. Then there is the dilemma of extreme heat when charging the iPod when it is in a non-breathable casing. It's a shame to see blemishes on your beautiful iPod. This could be brought upon by many circumstances, one of them is putting them in your pocket with sharp metal such as keys. So basically, you need some sort of protection. Like a skin or case maybe for the iPod.

Aside from this, you have to ensure that you know the basic care techniques, like for example charging and discharging your batteries. Without proper care, your batteries won't provide you with its maximum performance and may die down sooner than expected. An iPod is a great investment, not that it would earn for you, but you would get great quality performance every time. With proper care and maintenance, you could keep in tiptop shape and keep its resale value high. When the new iPod comes, you can sell your old one and get almost enough to finance for the new one.

S. Stammberger is editor of  Eipod Forever. A daily updated Ipod blog with news, reviews and resources.

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