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Finding an Elusive Cheap iPod Its Possible

Some would compare it to looking for Atlantis, or the search for the fountain youth or maybe the lost city of the Aztecs and their treasure or just a short glimpse of "Nelly" peering out of his (her?) home from Loch Ness. Is a cheap iPod a fable or myth, or is it really a reality? Okay that may be a bit overboard, but let's face the fact, not all of us can just go to our nearest electronics store and get an iPod. Why do you think so many people log on and complete the offers marketing strategies with free iPod schemes? Because people love getting freebies? Yes, but not quite, iPod's are not really cheap. They cost hundreds of dollars and this is money that could be used for other pressing needs. But who wouldn't want an iPod? Even with its high price, the iPod is tallying record sales; now imagine if it was cheaper. You'd probably see an iPod in every corner of your neighborhood and the schools.

While it seems like it now, a cheap iPod would make it more accessible to other people. So back to our quest, where can we really find a cheap iPod? To be honest, if your aiming for the newest iPods, it is going to be a long and tedious search. Although there are many websites that offers affordable and cheap iPods, they do not really range far from the original price. A reduction of about twenty percent would be the norm.

Not a bad deal, but if you want cheap, or dirt cheap, you might as well settle for the older generations of iPods. There are still some second and third generation surplus of iPods that are now still being sold. It's just a matter of looking for them. Don't worry, the internet is your best friend on this one. If you are willing to settle for the old grayscale screens then fine, you could most probably find a cheap iPod.

Although they are among the older generation, these iPods provide great quality sounds, that is the basic point there. Most of them have good hard disks with big capacity so you can still have a great number of songs. But if you want to really find those newer generation iPods with lots of features, there are sites that sells second hand or used iPods that are still in great shape. Some of them are just being sold because the owners wanted to switch to the newer iPods. These second hand iPods are being sold cheap but that doesn't mean they are no good.

One of the best places to go and find a cheap iPod is ebay. You can find cheap iPods for less than 50 to 60 percent of their original price. Not only that, you can get lots of accessories and iPod hook ups as well. It doesn't matter if your cheap iPod has a few scratches, all it matters is that it works great. With a new case or shell, it would look just like new.

Just check for damages like a cracked screen or memory problems. With less than a hundred bucks to your name, you can soon have your own iPod. So forget the myths, fables and legends, a cheap iPod is not a dream. Its no wonder so many people have iPods, I wouldn't even be surprised if they caught Big Foot with a headset and an iPod in his hand.

S. Stammberger is editor of Mega Beats - find everything from mp3 to Ipod. Shopping Guide, reviews and news.

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