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Explore the Night Happening Taking Direct Flights to New York

by john Grung

The bewitching, bemusing, enchanting, unrivalled and the city of dreams, New York invites millions of flights every year leading to a significant rise in the tourism of New York and making it one of the top fascinating destination to be ventured. No matter what your dream demand is this city will full fill all the desires of your hungry hearts. Being summed up of five boroughs namely The Bronx, The Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. The area is blessed with a plethora of things that are serviced within the city such as the 24 hour open pasta eateries, jazzy clubs, bustling sidewalks, theatres and iconic landmarks that are waiting to bewitch, bother and bewilder you every time you land in this city.

Take me out to the ball game: The summer season is the best time and is recalled as the baseball season in New York. The New York Yankees host night games in their new stadium. A 30-minute subway ride to the Bronx will lead you right in the stands with a hot dog in your hand. So buckle up and plan your holidays with Direct Flights to New York this summer season.

Laugh out loud at a comedy club: If laughter is all what you want to hear then come and laugh at the clubs where Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Jim Carrey got their starts. Comic Strip Live and Caroline's on Broadway are one of the best clubs in town where you might even catch one of tomorrow's stars thus making the most entertaining time spent with Cheap Flights to New York.

New York elegance at the Café Carlye: After landing with Direct New York Flights, for a classic New York evening out, it's hard to top a perfect martini and a stunning performance at the sophisticated Café Carlye. The discreet club with its colorful wall painting has hosted stars like Eartha Kitt and Ute Lemper. Be sure to buy tickets in advance so as to loose you chance in this crowded cafe.

A sunset Cruise on New York Harbor: The New York skyline is reflected in the New York Harbor waters on the Circle Line sunset cruise. Take Cheap Flights to New York to sight this enigmatical seen with a sunset cruise. The boat sails past the Statue of Liberty, then up the East River under the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge giving you the perfect glance of the city.

Jazz at the Village Vanguard: The "Carnegie of Cool" vibrates with the innovative sounds of modern jazz at this famed club which is a must visit after booking Cheap Direct Flights to New York. It provides one with the warm acoustics sounds, and you can see the stage from every seat in the club. Best of all, on weeknights you can wander in when the club opens and still get a good seat to enjoy the enchanting performances.

Dress up and dance at Cielo: For one of the hottest spots to get down with the latest techno sounds is Cielo. Indulge in the Meatpacking District which roars at night with its super chick restaurants, trendy clubs and hip bars after landing with Cheap Flights to New York . Indulge in the music and groove on its sunken dance floor, or sip cocktails and watch the nightly stream of beautiful people.

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